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2-pack EPIC SUPERSKIN MAX 26 white/black

1199  kr 99000  kr

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Nr: IGN26641
EPIC SUPERSKIN MAX FL 26 is included in the popular SUPERSKIN series which is the new lightweight stick category from Unihoc. The stick has an exclusive design in white and black and a stiff shaft in 26 flex. This is a stick with excellent balance that gives you a great touch and perfect ball handling. Equipped with the allround blade EPIC in Regular PE plastic.

Vikt: 204g (96cm)
Blad: EPIC hard vit
Bladmaterial: Regular PE
Skaft: 100% kolfiber
Skaftprofil: Rund
Flex: 26 mm
Grepplinda: SUPERSKIN grip

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1199  kr 99000  kr


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