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Old school meets new school

Old school meets new school

Our new blade material in TITAN PP plastic has been a major success and we have therefore decided to launch it on some more blade models. The choice has fallen on two of the most classic blades in our product range, the Player blade and the Player+ blade. These are true long runners in our product line and they are very popular thanks to their versatile playing characteristics and their all-round qualities.

TITAN PP is a super firm blade material with low friction against the floor surface, a great option for those who want a mix of the best qualities from our other two blade types FEATHER PP and REGULAR PE.

This is our most popular blade during the years, and a classic in our blade range. With its rather modest concavity and pre-hook it appeals to many player types, combining very low weight with unprecedented firmness and offering a fantastic touch on the ball.

This is a modernized version of the classic Player blade. For this blade we have taken the best features from the predecessor and combined them with a number of new updates, for instance a larger playing surface and increased torsional strength.