A new season is already coming, and we have added a lot of exciting new stuff for you. We have worked hard to keep the successful, immediately recognizable, clean look that distinguishes the Unihoc products on the market, and we have fine-tuned the designs and colors to make sure that everything looks as neat as you can expect from a new Unihoc collection. 

This year we introduce a new graphic icon system for the specs of the sticks, to make it easy to find exactly what you need. The same goes for the blades, especially since we are now launching a brand new blade material called TITAN PP which will increase the number of options that you will have when you choose your blade. Also, we believe in this new material so much that we have even created a whole stick line for this new blade type. The new TITAN SERIES is one of the highlights of the new season, and it is filled with some of our most exclusive and special shaft techniques.

Another big piece of news is the release of the new U5 PRO shoe model, which completes our popular shoe range. This is a new shoe model with increased cushioning and stability, perfect for the players that really push their game and their equipment to the limit.

Welcome to a new season!


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TITAN Series

Our new stick series for the coming season is something special. For the first time in many years we introduce a new blade material, and this time we have even decided to create a whole new stick series with this new blade type. TITAN PP is a super firm blade material with low friction against the floor surface, which is something that has been missing in our blade collection.

Browse the new TITAN Series below.


KEEPER series

This season we introduce the new KEEPER model, which is a lightweight goalie set with an elegant and clean design. This model is developed for goalies who prefer a goalie set with low weight which makes it easier to move quickly across the floor. Only high-end materials and fabrics have been used to guarantee the same high Unihoc quality as always.

Browse the new KEEPER Series below.


introducing u5 pRO

This season we are adding a new shoe model to our growing shoe range, called the U5 PRO. This is a robust shoe type that fills the last missing gap in our shoe collection by offering a very stable outsole with increased cushioning in combination with a solidly built upper. 

Browse the new U5 PRO below.


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